The #winelover Romania Association

The aim of the #winelover Romania association

The #WINELOVER Romania (WLR) association aims to encourage the responsible consumption of quality wine by educating consumers and wine lovers, as well as promoting Romanian wines in the country and abroad, with an emphasis on local varieties.

Another important component of the proposed goal is to initiate members and supporters in the art of wine tasting as an element of general culture by organizing courses, seminars, and events that support this goal.

The objectives of the #winelover Romania association

Promote Romanian wines and wine tourism

The purpose of the WINELOVER Romania Association (WLR) will be achieved through the following objectives:
a) promote Romanian wines  domestically and abroad, emphasizing local grape varieties;
b) initiate members and supporters in the world and the art of wine tasting, as an element of culture by organizing thematic events;
c) organizing wine competitions following international regulations;
d)introduce new wines and trends, by inviting representatives of the wine and art world, oenologists and other representatives of the wineries;
e) organizing excursions to the wine cellars in Romania and abroad, participation in fairs and wine exhibitions, representing Romanian wines abroad;

Help develop the Hospitality Industry through trainings

f) development  and implementation of sustainable development programs and strategies, creating better international relations, establishing training courses for future members of the organization, improvement of members as well as carrying out specific actions according to the provisions the Statute
g) developing any cultural, educational, and editorial activity to promote knowledge of wine, its quality, properties, and consumption, as well as to highlight the Romanian products, both domestically and abroad, for the preparation of the tasters and of learners;
h) partnerships with public or private entities to achieve the purpose of the Association;
i) develop training programs in the field of sensorial capacities
j) participation in national and international wine competitions.
k) promoting and conducting courses in wine tasting;
l) development of programs and technical assistance in the for the Hospitality Industry: restaurants, hotels, exhibitions and fairs, gastronomy competitions, any other structures that will require our support and which by their object of activity promotes or stimulates the consumption of wine;

Organize events and publish

m) editing, printing and disseminating publications that will support the achievement of the purpose of the Association and its members;
n) organizing own events in order to attract new members;
o) Regular awarding of incentives to members with outstanding results within the Association;

Establish relationships with similar associations and grow

p) to develop regular exchanges with other domestic and international associations;
r) establishing cooperation relations with other similar associations, domestically and internationally, and even with Romanian and foreign natural and legal persons, which can contribute to the development and progress of the Association, as well as the organization of partnerships and meetings with associations from all over the world ;
s) the establishment of territorial branches
t) the fulfillment of the legal provisions in order for the Association to be recognized by the Government of Romania as being of public utility with the rights and obligations arising from it;
u) Establishment of Commercial Companies, whose dividends will have the destination established by the Government Ordinance no. 26/2000;
v) the organizational structure of the Association has the right to use its own seals, specifying the name of the Association and the respective organizational structure.