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Banca Transilvania - partner of the #ProViRo project

Banca Transilvania is one of the three largest banks in Romania, has almost 1.76 million customers, 550 units and over 6,000 employees, and since 2021 it is the main supporter of the #ProViRo project initiated by Winelover Romania.

Media Sat - partner of the #ProViRo project

Experience of over 20 years on the telecommunications market in Romania, the constant presence over the years in the top of the largest telecom operators, the team of talented, dedicated and passionate professionals for intelligent, customized and high-quality solutions recommend us as one of the main B2B service providers in the Romanian telecom.

EPG – EXIMPROD GROUP - partner of the #ProViRo project

EPG operates in the energy sector with solutions and products of equipment for high, medium and low voltage, in the field of energy transmission and distribution, the production of components of charging stations for vehicles, in the field of edge computing and cloud customization solutions.

Carpathian Springs SA - partner of the #ProViRo project

AQUA Carpatica comes deep from the Carpathian Mountains, an ancient land where time seems to stand still leaving only the pristine beauty of nature and history. It is the last wild forest of Europe and with no agricultural or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, it is like going back in time.
That’s where the Taste of Purity comes from.

The Association for the Reconstruction of the Old Wine Metropolis of Transylvania - partner of the #ProViRo project

The Association for the Reconstruction of the Old Wine Metropolis of Transylvania aims to bring to know and revive the old traditions of the city of Medias as the Wine Metropolis of Transylvania. Turrepitz, the guardian of the old fortress of Medias, is also the symbol of the city and of all the wine events from the old fortress.

UPS United Parcel Service & #winelover Romania

Bringing you wine at your doorstep. We’ve partnered to offer you bottled poetry without worrying about delivery costs.  –>


Wine in Moderation (WiM)

Wine in Moderation is an international wine sector program to inspire lifestyle and well-being and that helps reduce the harmful effects of excess alcohol. The programme is based on education and self-regulation, aiming to empower the entire wine value chain in raising awareness and knowledge of moderate and responsible wine consumption patterns.

The magazine will provide the knowledge of over 18 years of experience in the Romanian wine world. We guarantee the accuracy of the information and its expression in language that is as easy as possible for the target audience to understand.

Romanian Wine Atlas - partner of the #ProViRo project

Independent project to educate the public about the wine sector in Romania through online and printed informational materials. Author and coordinator: Iulian Barbuceanu.