Winelovers in pandemic

Well, what’s they can do? What can they do?

They tasted more than a few wines. Technology provided us with tools that helped us to keep the social distance, but see each other and exchange impressions about the wines we tasted.

Winelover Romania initiated during the pandemic five meetings with the help of Zoom.

The first two meetings were about rose wines, organized as BYOB meetings (bring your own bottle). At each of them, as preparation for the 8th edition of the Rose Wine Contest, we had Elizabeth Gabay – Master of Wine as a guest. At the 2nd meeting, Elizabeth analyzed two Romanian wines: Cuvee Alexis / Avincis Winery and Bohotin Busuioaca / Valahorum Winery. We thank our partner UPS for making sure the package arrived in due time.
The third meeting, also a BYOB, named RedLine Feteasca Neagra, had a higher number of participants. We are happy that Julia Scavo and Anne-Wies van Oosten were able to join us. We discussed styles, aging potential, representative areas, and how to promote this Romanian variety in the best way.

The guest of the 4th meeting: Olimpia Plesa Brandhuber, who effervescently described some successful Romanian sparkling wines, raised her glass and said virtual cheers. We were celebrating the beginning of the alert status.

At the end of May, the guests of the meeting were our two friends of Sweden’s winelover community – Magnus Reuterdahl / the best-known wine blogger in his country and Michael Wising/wine consultant for the Swedish alcohol monopoly. In preparation for an important acquisition of Romanian varieties in Sweden,  we helped them know better the Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Regala. They tasted new wines provided by Cotnari Winery and Villa Vinea.
The Winelover Romania Association has tried to highlight the Romanian wines with an emphasis on the local varieties.

The next post will be about the visit of Elizabeth Gabay – MW in Romania, tastings, and visits to wineries.